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Ankle Splint
Size : 
Price : 450.00
Ankle Splint is designed to immobilize, support and stabilize the ankle joint in injury, or offer protection to people prone to ankle injuries. Rigid exoskeleton shell design gives better protection and control of the inversion or aversion of the ankle.
Rigid immobilization
Foam cushioning
One size, that fits all
Easy to clean
Salient feature
Unique figure of eight gripping
Effective control on inversion & eversion movement of ankle
Most effective gripping around ankle.
Enhances comfort and walking pleasure
Large enough room for ankle
Unconventional, swollen or distorted ankles can be accommodated
No compression hot spots on the ankle , so enhances comfort to injured
Reduces chances of sports related injuries in recurrent ankle problems
Quick healing and better recovery of the fully immobilized ankle
Molded Ethafoam Foam Pad
Provides optimal compression and pressure
Good cushioning , enhances comfort
 Skin friendly
Ergonomic design
Light in weight – enhance compliance
Bilateral symmetry – can be used for either ankle
Neoprene sleeves – good cushioning ,reduce pressure of gripping
One size fits all
Molded splint with perfect anatomy
Pleasing aesthetics
Sleek can be used inside the shoe
Effective immobilization
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