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Medi SAS 15
Size : 
Price : 11788.00
Shoulder abduction splint; 15º abduction

impingement syndrome-in acute or chronic inflammation and after open or arthroscopic decompression and acromio-plasty
reconstruction after rotator cuff ruptures
conservative or post-operative treatment after relaxation of the ventral limbus and of the capsule after open and arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation
conservative immobilisation of shoulder luxations / dislocations
Mode of action
lateral positioning with anatomically shaped and fitted cushion to relieve the ventral limbus and the capsule
15º abduction position to avoid adhesions to axillary recess (frozen shoulder)
immediate post-operative, active and passive mobilisation of hand, wrist and elbow joint by opening of forearm sling without taking off the whole bandage
early functional follow-up treatment; facilitates post-operative physiotherapy
alternative fastening allows the splint to be worn on the right or the left, easy to fit
improved hygiene of the body and comfort while wearing (free armpit)
comfortable hand rest; option to train the forearm muscles
comfortable to wear due to light weight and terry cloth padding
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